Passion Savon - Our Ethics 

Our passion is making natural soap, innovative, aromatherapy bath products and luxury, active skincare. We have spent over quarter of a century developing our recipes and perfecting our manufacturing process to ensure that we produce everything in an ethical way. We always spend time to source the best quality ingredients available from all over the world and never compromise our standards.

We do not use animal products (except for honey, milk, cream and yogurt) and we never test our products on animals. All the ranges are suitable for vegetarians and except for the ingredients mentioned above, are also suitable for vegans. We never use raw materials that are gathered in a way that would endanger our planet. For example, this is the reason we do not use Palm oil in our products – this is a cheap “filler” oil that is used in most soaps.

The rain forests are being destroyed because of unsustainable logging, clearing and burning of huge tracts of forest, a process which produces large amounts of greenhouse gases. Also this destruction is affecting the animal population, in particular the Orang-utans, if you are interested to read an article, you can click on this link that explains the seriousness of the situation.

Oil boom threatens the last orang-utans

Our commitment is to manufacture the best possible product - but not at the expense of Mother Nature. That is why the ingredients we use are biodegradable, there is no wastage in our manufacturing process and hardly any electrical energy is used as everything is made by hand.

What is the problem with palm oil?

Protecting and preserving our skin, the largest organ of our body is our first priority alongside protecting and preserving our environment.

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